Opera9.5 9656

Even more work

■New stuff
Added MathML support (Check out examples here)
Added support for the XSLT document() function (poke to xmlhacker ;-) )
New and improved mail authentication dialog
New nice icon for mail whose body isn't downloaded

■Assorted bugs fixed
Fixed a bad crasher that occurred on a lot of sites when closing a tab
Again possible to open directories directly without file://localhost/ in front
Fixes to <pre> and <code> font sizes
Fixed top links in gmail
Fit to width now works even if the window is larger than 1600px
getters and setters are now prototypable in node interfaces
getSeconds() no longer returns -1
Hovering input/radio buttons on websites now shows the normal cursor again
Several Opera Link bugs squashed
A bunch of XPATH fixes
A bunch of XSLT fixes